Key Highlights:

  • Emerging fraud trends / trends in fighting frauds in Cyber Security – threats from Cyberspace/ Technology versus social engineering
  • The Latest Hacker Attacks –  Trojan Virus
  • The risk of fraud in e-banking / safetyof e-banking and internet transactions/ Fraud prevention in e-banking and internet transactions (preventing forgery of personal data and identity theft)
  • recommendations / regulations concerning the safety of online payment
  • Fraud Investigations – Internal Frauds
  • Anti-Fraud Systems


  • Presidents of the board
  • Directors of risk divisions
  • Directors responsible for the Safety of the bank
  • Directors , Managers of Anti-Fraud Offices
  • Managers/Directors of  the Operational Risk
  • Departments /Credit Risk departments /Compliance
  • Auditors
  • E-banking  departments
  • Customer service
  • IT
  • Lawyers